Why I Became An Urban Prepper

How understanding the times we are in can help your decision as well

We are in a changing time, it is clear that things are escalating politically and that the earth is “winding down” in a sense with the increase of natural disasters and other such events.

Therefore it is critical that the responsible person take into account the various situations and determine for himself that it is time to prepare for the catastrophic events which are bound to happen. Here are my primary reasons for becoming an urban prepper.

1) The government is cutting assistance programs

Where I am not on government assistance and do not judge anyone that is, this is a major game changer in the way in which our economy works.

There are millions which are dependent upon some form of governmental assistance. From the Medicare program to social security and food stamp assistance, the government has their hand in the majority of the American families.

Now, if those programs cease (as they are already seeing tremendous cuts) then those which were dependent upon such assistance will need to find other means of getting their necessities.

For example: if a city has thousands which can no longer get food, they will riot and loot for it. This of course will trickle down and cause a full economic collapse.

Through my urban prepping, I am ensured that I have enough supplies to survive when such an event occurs.

2) Our dollar is still declining

Regardless of what the experts may say, our dollar just does not go as far as it used to go. Even when the minimum wages increase to allow burger flippers to get $15 an hour, the cost of living rises and there is no change.

Combine this with the fact that the foreign financial market is seeing declines in their currency and add to that our trillions of dollars in debt and you can see that our money will not be around for much longer.

As a prepper, you understand that when this even happens that the only means of obtaining goods will be through bartering and trading. You also understand that when money is no longer an option that the stores and the main forms of commerce will become obsolete.

Again, this will cause rioting and mass hysteria from those which have not prepared. Only those which have taken measures to ensure that they are ready for such events will survive.

3) Regardless of the event martial law will be established

If you do not believe that the military will declare martial law then look at the events surrounding hurricane Katrina. That was just one state.

Someone with common sense can tell you that in the event of a major event (either natural or manmade) that the government will quickly step in and declare martial law.

When this occurs, food and water as well as the other necessities will be monitored and rationed out to the elite. Those which have the most to offer will be given precedence over the common man. Houses will be seized, goods will be taken, and guns will be confiscated.

As an urban prepper, I have to have a disaster plan in place when these events occur.

Having a stock pile of food and water as well as various weapons (both guns as well as knives and other weapons which do not depend upon commerce) is essential to being able to act both offensively as well as defensively when martial law is established.

Tactical gear and a tactical first aid kit will be paramount during this time. As the government has already bought over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition for the Homeland sector as well as over 2 thousand military grade vehicles, it can be concluded that they are getting ready for a full out war of suppression on the general populace.

Supporting this conclusion is FEMA and NASA’s public announcements that the general populace should make urban bug out bags which can sustain them for a minimum of 3 to 7 days.

If they are telling you to get ready, we should take note. Only those individuals who have made urban prepping plans will be able to survive effectively during this time.

4) The only person you can rely upon is yourself

I had a bit of a revelation on the subject of survival and dependence. You are the only one that can ensure your survival.

Where you can stock up on food and water and other essentials, being an urban prepper means that you are trained in the skills of urban survival.

You go beyond just hoarding food and look to ways in which to survive. By doing so you are taking on the personal responsibility for your survival and that of your family.

You cannot rely upon the government as the government will be a factor of the problem. You cannot rely upon your food source and water source as they will eventually run out. You cannot rely upon your family as, sadly, they may not be around if an event strikes suddenly.

You cannot rely upon your friends and neighbors as in a survivalist situation it will become every man and woman for him or herself. The only one that can keep you alive is you.

With these factors considered, I realized that it was time to begin prepping.

Why am I an Urban survivalist?

Because I live in an urban environment.

If I lived in a wilderness setting I would be prepping for wilderness survival.

Do not get me wrong, I will have to eventually make it to a bug out location outside of the radius of the city.

However, when a disaster occurs I will more than likely (as well as most of the populace of America) be in an urban setting. Until I can safely make it to my bug out location and implement my disaster plan, urban survival will be a must.

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