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Urban Prepper EDC: What’s In My Bag?

Urban Prepper EDC: What’s in my bag

What you should have on you at all times just in case things go sour

Preppers have the understanding that a catastrophic event can occur at any moment leaving the world in chaos. It is for this reason that many people have bug out bags and supplies at hand.

However, preppers also need to have EDC (Every Day Carry Bags) prepared and used should an event happen. These bags will allow you to sustain yourself long enough to get to your residence or bug out location. Ideally, you want to have a spare bug out bag in your car or nearby.

However, if this is not an option for you then follow this guide to make your Urban prepper EDC.

Have something for first aid

The main thing in your EDC needs to be a means of first aid. In the event of a catastrophe you will need to have some basic first aid.

More than likely there will be a fair amount of those which are injured or the potential for injury will be high. You do not need to have a tactical first aid kit in your EDC but you will need to have anti bacteria ointment as well as various sized ban aids.

Keep in mind that your EDC needs to be compact and easily carried. It is not a substitute for your bug out bag but the bag in which you just cannot live without in the event of a disaster.

Put a spare key in your EDC

If you are like most people you do not keep your keys in your pocket all day but rather place the keys on your desk or nearby.

However, if there is a disaster and chaos ensures your keys may quickly become lost/stolen. Having a spare set of keys for your car, as well as your residence in your EDC, removes the frustration of trying to locate where you put your keys. You can simply go to your residence or your bug out location.

Granted, you do not want to abandon your keys if you can get to them. Yet, you do not need to spend precious time searching for them if you have to get out fast.

Have a water straw

As it may be a bit before you are able to get to your bug out bag and your supplies, you need to ensure that you have a means of securing a water supply.

Where you can go for a longer time without food, your body is not designed to go without water for very long (you are 80% water).

A water straw in your everyday carry bag will allow you to drink of water which in other circumstances would be unfit for consumption. 

Ensure that the straw brand you choose removes 99% of contaminants including metals and bacterium. It is also advised that you have a few water pouches in your EDC for quick access if needed.

Have a multi-tool

Where most businesses frown upon knives as a security risk, most will allow you to have a multi-tool pair of pillars.  It is actually a bit humorous as most of these multi-tools have a knife as one of the tools.

Be careful not to get the largest pair that you can find as that is sure to cause some concerns.

Yet, you should have a multi-tool which will serve as your primary tool until you can reach your bug out location/ supplies.

Put a flashlight in the bag

Even if you live in a well-lit urban community, you need to have a flashlight. Power outages can transform a building quickly into a non-navigational area.

Having a flashlight of course lets you get about the structural damage, see when others can’t, as well as provides you with a secondary weapon (if you are smart and pack a large metal brand) if necessary.

In a worst case scenario where you cannot get back to your residence and will have to rely solely on the EDC for your survival, the flashlight can be used to create fire.

Have a set of functional clothing

Clothes will not last forever, but for some reason preppers tend to overlook this vital part of their bag. Put functional clothing with pockets into your EDC.

By functional I mean have a t-shirt, pants with pockets and several pairs of socks. Do not pack A-frame shirts, thongs, and regular blue jeans.

Your extra clothes should be kept in your bag until you absolutely need them. Use your old clothing to make rope and other functions when they become unwearable.

Pack some rope

You will be amazed in what a good length of rope can do. From providing you with the support for a shelter to being implemented into a survival weapon a rope is a necessity to your EDC.

As this is a smaller bag then your bug out bag, your rope should not be industrial thickness.

It should be functional and sturdy and allow for you to have multiple uses. Again, the EDC bag is meant for your support not your full survival.

Considerations for your EDC

While your everyday carry bag is essential, a prepper understands that they will need to find resources quickly in a catastrophic event.

You should have a disaster plan in place for both your home and your work area. Keep in mind that some of your main resources of your bug out bag (such as a knife and a gun) will not be an option to carry into your place of business.

Therefore, you will need to find other tools which can be used as a substitute for such (such as a screwdriver which is usually not seen as a weapon).

Identify the greatest weaknesses in the areas that you frequent most often and try to customize your EDC to meet those needs. 

If possible, you should also consider setting up a bug out supply spot close to any frequented areas so as not to be totally dependent upon your EDC.

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