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What It’s Like Being A Suburban Prepper

What you need to know about being a suburban prepper

Wilderness preppers have a bit of the advantage I believe. There are resources which are available naturally and they can start a sustainable lifestyle.

However, there are a great many people that live in the suburbs and in major cities which just do not have the option of trudging it down to the woods to prepare for a catastrophic event.

Here are a few things which you should consider if you are planning on being a prepper in suburbia.

You will need to have residential and off residential storage

In an urban prepper situation, you will need to ensure that you have the supplies needed to survive. This means that you have to stock up on food and water as well as a heat source.

Unfortunately, most residences do not have ample space in which to store such supplies.

Yes, if you have a spare room you should put some of your supplies in that location to secure the immediate supplies which you will need. However, you should not put all of your supplies at your residence.

There are a few reason s for this:

  • In the event that your house is structurally compromised due to an event, your supplies may be damaged and become contaminated.
  • In the event of martial law, your residence could be seized
  • Space allocation demands that to have ample supplies you will need ample space

The solution will be to have a storage house or facility. In a suburban setting this will probably mean that you will have to rent a storage space.

Keep in mind the location and the probability of seizure/lockdown in the event that the worst case scenario occurs.

Prepping in the suburbs must be done with the highest level of secrecy

I know that you see the prepper shows and they are all in groups and everyone is nodding their heads in approval of the prepper.

Yet, in reality most people are fearful or even apprehensive towards the suburban prepper.

If a landlord sees that you are stocking up on tactical supplies, weapons, food, and such you may not be given the option to renew your lease.

If you own your home, the HOA may try to find violations.

You can also be targeted for violations of building and zoning laws, the EPA could knock on your door, the FDA may come and seize your stash, or numerous other things may happen.

The fact of the matter is that if you are in an urban society you will have strong opposition to your prepping.

You should continue to prep but do so in as much secrecy as possible. Do not go and buy a ton of supplies in one day and expect not to get noticed. Neither should you show off your stash of food and water to others which have not committed fully to your prep plan.

If you are stocking up on guns keep that to yourself

One of the quickest ways in which the government can stop a suburban prepper is through the homeland security act.

Where those which live in the country and in rural America can get by with stockpiling a ton of guns and ammunition, those which attempt to do so in a urban setting have a bit of a problem. The moment that you start to buy guns the government hones in on you.

If you have say 50 guns and hundreds of boxes of ammunition, then the government has only to say that you are a potential threat to America (aka you are a possible terrorist) and they can seize the guns, ammunition, your property, etc. and put you in jail.

Think that this cannot happen?

Nothing scares the neighbors more than a man or a woman that has a ton of guns and can hold their own. Give them a reason to say you are dangerous and they will blow that whistle like crazy.

Keep your guns and your ammunition stored up secretly.

Do it legally, but do not make it a big deal.

Suburban Preppers face more obstacles with their bug out plans

If you are planning for a disaster which requires a bug out plan, you will find that urban prepper bug out plans are hit with a number of obstacles.

First, you cannot use the major highways. These will be monitored by the government and those which look suspicious (anyone that looks like they can fend for themselves) are likely to be retained.

The roads cannot be traveled by vehicle as most people will flock to the roads. This will lead to immobility of vehicles as traffic piles up.

This means that you will have to use the back roads and the alleyways to get to the bug out spot.

As you will be going through the less traveled areas, the probability that you will run across unsavory characters is greater.

Criminals are more apt to be in locations where they can pick off a select few then to take on a crowd.

To heighten the risk, in the event of an EMP or a full electrical grid shutdown (either as the primary event or as a secondary) prisons which are controlled by electrical fencing and locks may experience a large number of prison breaks.

These criminals are more apt to stay in the back roads and alleys as they do not want to be apprehended. This makes your bug out route even more dangerous.

When you plan your route, you need to consider the variables which may happen, those that will definitively happen, and those which are less likely to happen.

Find the route that balances your needs with the reality of the situation well. Where it is true that you will have an offensive weapon as well as a defensive strategy, you do not want to be hindered when implementing your bug out plan.

Rioting will be a major factor in a catastrophic event

If you are in an urban setting then rioting and looting will quickly ensue. You will need to time your bug out plan so that you can get out as quickly as possible with as much sustainable supplies as possible in the least amount of time.