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The Ultimate Prepper Supplies List

Everything you need to have for the end of days

Preppers are given their name as they are preparing for a catastrophic event that will change the world as we know it.

Where the reason for the event varies dependent upon the person, their gear and their mentality of what will be needed in the end of days is similar.

Here is the ultimate prepper supplies list.

Water – water will be an essential need. However, you cannot simply stock up on bottled water.

  • Granted, a water supply of such would do well to keep you sustained for a small amount of time (even if it is 8 months that is a short time when talking about sustainability).
  • You need to have a water straw and filtration system and be able to locate a fresh water source.

Food – Dehydrated fruits, vegetables, and dehydrated meats are ideal for your food storage.

  • MREs (meals ready to eat) are also a very common item among preppers.
  • The reason is that MREs and dehydrated foods have a long shelf life and can be stored and transported easily.

Multiple Knives – You will need a minimum of two knives made of complete metal.

Do not get those cheap knives that you can find adorning the thrift stores and flea markets which have a rubber handle and are all held together by a few hex nuts and/or screws.

The reason that you choose multiple metal knives is that your knife is going to be your number one tool in a survivalist situation.

You will need to have your knife for both urban as well as outdoor survival situations which will occur. Your knife will also be used (if necessary as a weapon).

Having one knife is ill prepared as; again, this is your primary tool.

You need to have one just in case you lose or damage the first one.

A tactical first aid kit – Where there are some cheap first aid kits which offer ban aids and a little bit of gauze, you can pretty much conclude that your odds of survival are bleak if you get a basic first aid kit.

Hopefully, you have taken measures to learn first aid and other skills for surviving the end of days or a catastrophic event.

Tactical First Aid kits will provide you with all the necessities that you need as well as a great deal of other gear which you might not have considered such as surgical needles, thread, burn ointment, and Benadryl.

Flashlight – A flashlight serves several purposes other than providing lighting.

In a survivalist situation you can use a flashlight as a means of communication when in an urban environment or when marauders and other threats come into your bug out area.

As a survival tool, you can use the flashlight to start a fire.

If possible purchase a survival flashlight or army flashlight. Generally, these offer a storage area for matches and other emergency supplies.

Plus, these survival flashlights/army flashlights come with a variety of lenses which can be used for signaling others in your bug out spot.

Rope – From putting up a tarp for shelter to hanging your food to ensure that no bears or other wildlife will get into your supply, rope is an essential to have in your survival gear.

Do not get cheap rope but get heavy duty rope which can be used to repelling and climbing. (This is yet another reason why you would need to have a sharp knife). 

Avoid getting rope which frays when cut or those ropes which have a loose weave.

Fishing Hooks – where it may be easy to create a natural fishing pole and you may have the skills to harpoon one with a spear, it is a great deal easier to catch a fish when you do not have to make your own fish hooks or improvise.

When you pack your hooks ensure that you pack both large and small hooks.

You will need the small hooks to catch your smaller fish such as carp which will be used as your bait for the larger fish.

Don’t forget to pack a few weights either.

Shovel with a sharp edge – A military shovel is essential to your survival bug out gear. The shovel needs to have metal parts.

Do not get a shovel which is made of plastic parts as they break.

You also need to ensure that the shovel has a sharp edge on at least one side as this can be used as a knife or as a weapon if needed.

Seeds – Consider. When there is a catastrophic event, land and food will be the first resources which are pillaged for their resources.

Therefore, you have to have a way to ensure that you have sustainable food in the future. Use the food in your bug out bag and then plant your seeds when you find a suitable location.

Typographic Map of the Area – Yes, you can navigate by the sun and the stars. However, you do not know the cliffs and the valleys of the area unless you have traveled them a great deal.

By having a typographical map you not only give yourself a point of reference for your navigation should the terrain become unrecognizable due to the catastrophic event, but you also have a map which tells you which areas are likely to have more traffic and which are better suited to a prepper (high traffic areas will be those without cliffs or valleys as people will not want to risk the dangers of that location).

These are but a few of the supplies which you will need to have if you are a prepper. You will need to cater to the location and the variables of your area.

The main concern of any prepper should be to secure the essentials needed to survive for the long term. The prepper supplies listed here should help you.

Do not just store up on food and water supplies. In the event that your storage supply is ruined you need to have a way to sustain yourself.