Prepper Supplies For Sale

Prepper Supplies for Sale

Where to Find the Best Deals

Every prepper want to have their prepping done in secrecy.

The more people that know about your storage supply the more of a target you paint on yourself for marauders and others to target your stash when the stuff hits the fan.

So the conundrum in which preppers find themselves is where to find supplies without drawing unwanted attention.

Here is where you can find the best deals on prepper supplies while staying inconspicuous.

Outdoor Supply Stores

One of the best places for preppers to find the tactical gear that they will need for the end of days is at an outdoor supply store.

Stores such as L.L. Bean and The Bass Pro Shop are a few of the higher ended outdoor supply stores where you can find camouflage, guns, and gear.

These stores are ideal for those which are planning to have a mobile bug out plan which will involve hiding their mode of transportation when not in use.

For example: If you have a trailer with your supplies, then you can purchase a camouflage netting (which is typically used to conceal turkey hunting grounds or in duck hunting) to do so.

It is not advised that you stock up on a great quantity of supplies at one time.

Neither would I recommend that you buy ammunition from ANY major retailer as they have to report anyone that buys certain quantities and certain types of ammunition.

Go to a pawn shop

I think that pawn shops have gotten a bit of a bad reputation, especially when it comes to buying guns and ammunition.

For some reason a great many people think that there is something shady with a pawn shop selling a gun.

However, the regulations placed upon these establishments are sometimes a lot more strenuous then the retailer chains.

This means that you will get a quality gun.

If you are looking for tools and survivalist equipment, you can typically find hunting and fishing gear in pawn shops for a fraction of the cost from buying it at full retail price.

Army Surplus Stores

It is not hard at all to find an army surplus store.

These are a prepper’s treasure trove.

You will need to use a bit of caution though. Sometimes the supplies which are offered at these surplus stores are there because they have a defect.

Inspect anything which you are planning to purchase. MREs should be inspected for the date of expiration, and then they should be inspected again for any holes, tears, or defects.

Remember, the shelf life is extremely long on MREs.

However, you do not want to just buy a case and hope for the best…..Oh, and if you think that you can buy functional grenades from one of these store then you have bigger problems then your prepping.

Online Survival Stores

Again, a bit of caution must be used when you buy your supplies online.

Make sure that you know exactly what is in the bug out bags or tactical gear which is being purchased. 

Personally, I would only buy my tactical first aid kit, knife, and bag online.

Anything which can expire or be damaged I would buy from a local retailer or from another source.

Here is a good source for buying survival gear.

Survivalist/Prepper conventions

These are oriented to the prepper. The gear is usually of a higher quality then you will be able to find at other locations.

What I like about purchasing from the prepper conventions is that you get to see what other preppers think about the product.

For example: If a supplier is offering dehydrated specialty meats and everyone is flocking to the vendor, then you know that it is probably a good place to invest in.

However, if you find a guy trying to sell you a solar paneled deep fryer and no one is at his booth, you can probably assume that the product would not do well for prepping.

Look for Stores going out of business

Just because a store is going out of business does not mean that the product is of low quality.

As the economy continues to have more and more legislation which targets small and independent business owners, you can rest assured that more and more businesses will go out of business.

Even large businesses (such as the lead smeltering plant) are being hit with major fees and fines causing them to close their doors.

Businesses which are being forced to close due to the government are more apt to try to sell everything at incredibly low prices rather than give it to the government.

Look for businesses which are going out of business and do not be scared to negotiate.


Almost every city which I have visited has a place to visit an auction within a short driving distance.

This is a very cheap way in which you can acquire some of the supplies you need for your bug out bag.

You do not want to draw attention to yourself so be sure that you visit different auction sites to draw off any unwanted attention.


The cheapest way to get your prepper supplies is to barter and trade goods.

This method has been around since the world began, and although many people have gotten away from this practice, it is a good way to prep for the catastrophic event.

For one, it will force you to provide something useful which can be traded (and as money will be of no effect bartering will be the only option in a survivalist situation).

Secondly, it is all off the grid.

No one will be documenting what you traded and how much was traded.

You can keep your secrecy and still store up your supplies that you need.

Where to avoid:

You do not want to buy your supplies from a warehouse store.

I know that some may disagree, but I have found that the majority of warehouse supplies in these stores are the defective products which could not be stored.

There is a difference between surplus (which is overstocked) and warehouse (which is the product which does not sell any other way).

Also avoid major retail stores which offer everything from toiletries to trampolines as these are not likely to have durable quality products, and if they do they will be marked up a great deal.