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How To Find A Survivalist Group

How to find a Survivalist Group

Where to go and what to look for when you get there

Let me first state that survivalists are primarily focused on ensuring their own self-sufficiency. You should also not mistake preppers with survivalists as there are some stark differences into the methodology in which they are planning for the worst case scenario. That being stated, it is a good idea for those which are novices to living off the grid and survivalist living to find a survivalist group which will help them hone their survival skills so that they can be fully off the grid and ready for any situation. Here is how to find a survivalist group and what to look for when you get there.

Where to find a survivalist group

Where NOT to go

If you want to keep a bit of your secrecy then the best place to look for a survivalist group would be the internet. However, this is a catch 22 as you will also want to get away from technology.

Also, I would not be so quick to join up with someone that I have not met face to face to talk about what I am planning on doing if the government gets involved in a manmade disaster (do you really think that they do not have people monitoring the message streams and posing as members. Be realistic, if there are 4,000 members at least 10% probably work for government intelligence).

You really want to avoid the internet for your survival groups for the main fact that you do not know the person whom you are talking to.

Yes, you can use the internet to get information and survival tips. Yes, you can watch survivalist videos.

NO, you should not trust anyone in an online survivalist group to be who they claim to be.

So where should you go?

Look for actual survivalist meetings and festivals. These are the best places to find people who are already living off the grid and get the insiders edge to how to do it.

You will find that at most of these meetings, a great many of the people will already know one another, so yes you may feel like the intruder.

However, once you build the trust with the group then they will be more than happy (in most situations) to help you with your own survival training and self-sufficiency.

Of course, the greatest advantage of finding an event is that you will get hands on knowledge. You will also get local survivalist knowledge. It does not help to find a survivalist group which is planning for an arctic winter in wilderness Alaska if you live in say Arizona.

Here are a few survivalist festival held throughout the country:

These events vary in the size of attendance. However, you can be assured that each one will have some local division of a survivalist group that you can become a member of.

If you are not in these areas look for events which are close to you. Should there be no events close to you then you may need to do a bit of traveling.

For those which are close to the Canadian line, there are a number of events on wilderness survival and such in Canada.

Although you may not find local prepper groups in this situation, you may be able to find a survivalist group which you can meet up with quarterly or annually. In these situations it will benefit you to have an internet connection to contact members with questions and to gain survival tips as needed.

As each survivalist group is different and each expo has its own agenda, you need to ensure that your survivalist group is actually focused on survival and not on marketing survival equipment or specialized survival DVDs and junk to you (there are a great many expos which I have been disappointed to attend for this main fact).

You also want to ensure that you are not joining a support group but a training group.

Here is the difference. In a support group you start to depend upon the people in it and them upon you. In a training survivalist group you keep your independence and learn from each other.

What to look for when you get there

Survivalist groups should be focused on survival and not be a social club. Your survival group should help to give you the survival tips and the methods which you need in order for you to be self-sufficient.

There should be a camaraderie but at the same time you should have somewhat of a distanced relationship. Let me explain. In a survivalist situation it will be you who is looking out for you.

There will not be a chain of people who will march arm and arm with you into the woods to start living off the grid. When everything go haywire then the people who have taught you your survival skills will be looking out for number one.

Thing which you should get from your survivalist group include:

  • Skills to make a fire without matches
  • Skills to find water and to ensure that the water is drinkable
  • Skills to hunt and gather food to sustain you for the duration of your survival situation
  • Skills to make a shelter
  • Bushcraft Skills
  • Navigational Skills
  • Survival Gear advice for preparation

Notice that the group is to provide you with skills not with information. If you want to find information all you really need to do is go on the internet and start doing some research.

You will be able to find what you are looking for rather simply. If you want to actually survive in a situation where you must either implement survival skills or die, then you want to have those skills engrafted into your instincts.

The only way you can do this is through hands on practice, guidance, and honing of the skill.

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