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How To Find Preppers In Your Area

How To Find Preppers In Your Area

Many preppers pride themselves on being self-sufficient and well-prepared to survive an emergency situation themselves. 

However, in a survival situation having trusted friends and allies who can come to your aid is very useful. 

Ideally a prepper will collect the tools and knowledge necessary to be self-sufficient but will also join social networks full of like-minded individuals who may be helpful during a time of crisis.

Of course the next question is — how do you find other smart preppers who are ready for a survival situation and are also trustworthy?  This article will give you some tips on finding prepper groups!

Why Find Fellow Preppers

There are a number of reasons why you should build a social network of like-minded preppers. 

Improve Your Survival Skills and Emergency Preparedness

Meeting with other preppers can help you develop your survival skills and give you some great ideas on how to improve your emergency preparedness. 

They may have more comprehensive stockpile lists, useful tips on preserving food, weapon handling tips and much more information. 

Often the best way to learn something is directly from an expert.

Strength in Numbers

Being a part of a social network also means that you can band together during an emergency situation. 

If there is civil unrest and rioting, being able to create a stronger force with greater numbers can improve your chances of survival. 

If you have already established a relationship with fellow preppers, you know they are ready for the challenge, they will not panic and they are trustworthy.

Establish Trading Partners

In the event of food shortages, it will also be useful to know some people you can trade with. 

You might have stockpiled too many baked beans and are in desperate need of a block of chocolate! 

Having a trusted trading partner can take a great deal of risk out of the situation as well.

Pool Resources
Building a relationship with fellow preppers allows you to pool resources. 

You may have invested heavily in energy generation while a fellow prepper spent a lot of money on a reverse osmosis system. 

You can combine forces so you both have plenty of energy and fresh water.

Varied Skill-sets
You might have incredible skills as a hunter, but you can’t repair an engine. 

By finding another prepper who has that skill-set, you can increase your group’s survivability and emergency preparedness. 

Imagine if you found a prepper who was also a doctor, a combat veteran or a farmer? 

It would be incredibly useful to have this person within your social network as a trusted ally.

The Best Ways to Find Fellow Preppers
Finding a trustworthy prepper can take time and it should be done cautiously. 

After all, you might be relying on these people to save your life during a survival-situation. 

Start by Asking Friends and Relatives
The first approach to finding other preppers is checking if you already know some! 

Ask existing friends and relatives about their emergency preparedness. 

Many of them may be interested in improving their readiness for an emergency situation. 

They might be very keen to start stockpiling and sharing resources.

Relatives are the best kind of prepper ally because the trustworthiness between family members is already very high. 

If your brother or sister is also a prepper, you know you have an ally who will be in the fight with you until the very end.


You can sound out your neighbors to gauge their level of emergency preparedness.  

If they are keenly aware of the recent events around the world (terrorism, the ebola outbreak, the condition of the stock market), then they are more likely to be aware of how close the world is to an emergency situation.

The benefit with having prepper neighbors is obviously their close proximity — during a survival situation, an ally is just a few steps away.

Social Network Websites
Websites like meetup.com are very useful for finding nearby prepper groups.

Many of these groups have classes aimed at developing survival skills and self-sufficiency. 

Most meet-up groups are informal and you can just “test the waters” without any real commitment. 

While the classes can be useful, focus on the people attending the event.  Ideally you will find some people at the meet-up who are smart, organized, friendly and trustworthy. 

By developing your relationship wit them, you will have a valuable ally in the future.

Prepper and Survivalist Websites
Some websites are devoted to helping preppers connect — even romantically! 

Some of these websites include prepperlink.com, prepperdating.com, survivalistsingle.com, prepperforums.net and preppergroups.com. 

Facebook groups can be useful for finding preppers, but not recommended because you will immediately be giving random strangers many of your personal details.

The Internet in General
While it is entirely possible to meet fellow preppers on other website forums, you should be very cautious about exchanging details. 

Only after many months of building an online relationship with someone should you tell them who you are and where you are from.

The Internet is rife with scammers and it is extremely difficult to gauge the trustworthiness and authenticity of someone online. 

If one of the situations you are pepping for is tyrannical government oppression, you should avoid posting your details online ever! 

Use fake accounts (with fake email addresses) and if you establish a friendship online, take your time and build trust gradually.

Be Aware of Fake Preppers

Some people enjoy frequenting prepper websites and exaggerating their level of emergency preparedness. 

They describe their state of the art bunker and the years of supplies it contains. 

If you build a relationship online, ensure that the person is authentic before deeming them trustworthy. 

If you give a fake prepper your personal details and a survival-situation occurs, they may attempt to take your stockpile forcibly when they become desperate.

To spot a fake prepper, ask them specific questions about their emergency preparedness. 

  1. How did they secure their bunker so it is still accessible after a power outage? 
  2. What brand storage containers did they buy to store their whole grains and where did they get them from? 
  3. What is the name of the guy at the local supply store? 

If they are faking it, these kinds of questions can trip them up.