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Doomsday Prepper Supplies: 7 Must Have Items

The items you just can’t survive without when everything goes haywire

Those which are prepping for a doomsday scenario have a general idea about how that day will come. In most cases the doomsday is a result from a manmade catastrophic disaster. 

Granted, there are a few preppers which are planning for natural disasters to spark in a doomsday situation, but more than likely if we have a doomsday situation (not a major disaster but a “doomsday situation) it will be the result of a manmade situation.

Here are 7 doomsday prepper supplies you must have for your bug out bag.

7) A gas mask

In the event of a doomsday situation the air may be unfit for long exposure.

This could be the result of an EMP knocking out the containment abilities of the CDC (Center of Disease Control) and air born viruses are a threat, or it could be the result of biohazards from a nuclear bomb or radiation testing facility.

Even if the doomsday is the result of a natural disaster (such as a volcano eruption) it is a good idea to have a gas mask to help filter the toxins out of the air.

6) A Shovel

If you have to find a quick way out of an area surrounded by dirt, snow, or other non-structural debris, one of the easiest ways to do so will be to tunnel a path with a shovel.

It is recommended that you get a military grade shovel as these can easily be compacted and carried in your survival gear when not being used.

Also, the military shovel comes with a serrated edge which (if necessary) can be used to remove small debris from your path.

You do not want to get a plastic shovel or one which has a handle that is attached to the main piece by a screw.

These are very prone to breaking and will do you no good in a doomsday situation if you have to remove anything of weight.

The best shovels will be made from metal and contain metal gaskets and fittings which allow for easy storage and maximum functionality.

5) Seeds

Part of your disaster plan should include seeds. If the soil and the surrounding area is damaged by contamination, then the only place that people will have to turn to for food is the grocery stores.

Unfortunately, this means that the supply will quickly be reduced to nothing as people will loot and rush to these locations to get all the supplies that they can.

By having a stock pile of organic seeds, you can ensure that you will have sustainable food for the long term.

Granted, you will want to have dehydrated meats and some food in your survival gear, but these are only to last 3 to 7 days.

When you reach your bug out location (for your long term location) then plant your organic seeds.

You do not want to plant altered plants as the probability that you will yield any useful seeds is bleak.

4) Water Filter

Most locations in a bug out situation will have some form of water. If in the event of a doomsday situation you can find water, you will have to purify the water so that it can be consumed.

Where some may think that boiling water will kill such bacterium, it is unlikely that all contaminants will be filtered out.

The only way in which you can successfully do this is with the use of a water filter.

Personally, I would recommend that you have a few water straws (as they are lightweight and can typically handle about 300 gallons of water filtration a piece).

In a survival situation the water from rain, snow, and from dew is suitable to collect without any filtration.

Yet, in a doomsday situation, it should be assumed that all water is contaminated. Your primary need will be food and water and so your primary supplies should include water filtration and food sustainability tools.

3) Tactical Emergency First Aid Kit

Unlike a regular first aid kit, a tactical first aid kit will provide you with “overkill” on what is needed. This is critical to your disaster plan.

You will need to be prepared for any situation.

It is true that you will get cuts and bruises, but there are so many other things which can occur in a doomsday scenario.

For example: if you have tactical gear for first aid, you will have a blood transfusion kit, perhaps an oxygen mask, a stitching needle, antibacterial ointment, and a few common medicines.

As you will not know exactly what the situation is in a doomsday situation, a tactical emergency first aid kit is paramount to your survival.

2) Have a big knife

A knife, unlike most guns, serves as a multifunctional tool.

On the one hand you can use it to craft and cut the essentials which you will need to survive.

You will use the knife every day to help you with something.

Whether this is something as simple as cutting a shoelace or something more complex such as gutting a deer, you will need your knife.

Secondly, a BIG knife serves as a great weapon and a deterrent for anyone to mess with you or your supplies.

1) A CV or Ham radio

When a doomsday scenario occurs, ignorance will be the government’s way of control.

It can be predicted that traditional means of communications will be severed and that only those which can communicate from CV and Ham Radios (or other such devices) will be privy to any information about what is going on.

You should take care to get a radio which is intended for prolonged exposure to the elements and does not require special maintenance or repair.

Remember, you will be in survival mode so you will also want to consider size as well as power.

A radio that is too big and bulky will not work.

Neither will a radio which has no backup power (such as solar power) other than batteries.