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Doomsday Prepper List: What They Didn’t Tell You About On The Show

What they did not tell you about on the Show.

Television and media have greatly dramatized the possibility of a doomsday situation.

Where I am not saying that there will not be a disaster situation (as most experts do point to a possible catastrophic event) I am stating that the Hollywood flare has been added to the whole doomsday scenario.

Here are a few things that anyone should consider when viewing the doomsday prepper show and building their Doomsday Prepper List:

1) It is television and therefore means that it is scripted

One of the main problems that I have with reality shows is that they are scripted.

And where I do like the Doomsday prepper show, there are some major flaws which mislead those looking to live off the grid, outdoors, in a survivalist situation.

First, the scoring has:

  • food
  • water
  • shelter
  • and security.

However, there is not a rating for heat or for sustainability. Fire is an essential to the survival of anyone.

Apart from the actual heat, it works for your sterilization of tools, the killing of bacterium in meats, and as the heating element to melt liquids down which will be needed for binding agents (such as when you melt nylon).

Secondly, the show skews the reality of the person’s prepping.

Yes, you may have enough food and water to last you for a year in a cellar somewhere, but if that cellar is flooded or if there is a government take over and martial law is established where your food and water storage area is seized then what do you do then?

I do acknowledge that there have been some individuals on the show which have had gardens and aquaponics systems.

However, for the most part those on the show have stocked up with little thought to the long haul.

2) That in a disaster situation, you will not get a cute rating scale to help you out

In a real doomsday situation there will be no second chances.

You will either have the skill set that you need or you will not.

I do like the fact that the show tests the scenario for which the prepper is getting ready for and gives them a somewhat realistic assessment of how well or how poorly they will do.

This being stated, I do believe that more emphasis needs to be given to the Doomsday Prepper Checklist:

  • Having water straws and filtration methods for gathering water once your supply runs out
  • Showing methods of finding game trails, gathering fruits and other edible substances
  • Bushcrafts
  • Firecrafts

What makes reality shows like the Doomsday Preppers so comical to me is that you are presented with those individuals which have taken the prepping to the ultimate limits.

Now, for most of the people who are prepping there are a few things that they have in common.

One, they will not have their main stash shown on television or broadcast that they are a prepper.

It makes them a target.

Two, I have noted that a great deal of the preppers on the show have their supplies at their residence.

Most seasoned preppers have a small supply at their residence but have a fall back supply near to their bug out location.

Finally, a real doomsday prepper will have alternate routes, plans, and packs for different scenarios.

3) The Doomsday preppers in the show are ill prepared for situations outside of their prediction.

The final bit of information which is overlooked on the Doomsday Prepper Show is that the preppers have a specific scenario in mind. 

Granted, a great deal of these hypotheses has been grounded in some form of truth.

Yet, the prepper is ill prepared for a catastrophic event which is not catered to their planned for scenario.

Perhaps that is being a bit harsh. They do have water and food and such, but the point is that if they are planning for an EMP attack and there is a flood then the situation is completely different.

So what should you do?

Preppers should focus on gathering the essentials needed for survival and then making tangents from the essentials to meet certain realistic situations that can occur for their geographical location.

Where it may be great entertainment to plan for the zombie apocalypse, there has never been a case where someone came back from the dead with a hunger for brains. (besides that incident in Miami a few years back thanks to bath-salts)

It is not going to happen.

What you can plan for is for an epidemic disease outbreak.

This means that you will focus more upon sterilization and keeping yourself away from contamination then you will be on stocking up on ammunition and machetes.

If you want to be a prepper then PREP

Plan – Look at the situations which are likely to happen and make disaster plans for those situations

Recon – Find locations where you can bug out to. Make sure that you have more than one location.

Enact – Put your plan into action by practicing your disaster plan. It does not good to plan if you have no way to ensure that you will survive.

Prepare – Prepare not only for the event that is most probable, but for the evens which may result from your disaster.

For example: If you are planning for a financial crisis, then you will also need to prepare for a food shortage (as there will be no food stamps and those in poverty will do anything to avoid starvation), martial law (as there will be riots), and a loss of communications (as no money means no sustainability of anything which requires a lot of funding).

What can you gain from the show?

I am in no way saying that you should ditch watching the show.

It is great entertainment.

Keep in mind that it is that though, entertainment.

True, you can get some useful information in which to start from and the website has a vast amount of supporting information.

Yet, you should not base your entire doomsday strategy upon any reality show.

If you do, then you are not in reality yourself.