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Doomsday Prepper Groups and Where To Find Them

Doomsday preppers are a special breed of survivalist.  They don’t just prepare for a natural disaster or minor social upheaval — they plan for the absolute worst case scenarios including:

  • Tsunami and large floods
  • War (civil war and foreign invasions)
  • Oppression by a tyrannical government
  • Worldwide viral or bacterial contagion
  • Nuclear war or dirty bomb
  • Solar flares, asteroid impact or comet collision

People who call themselves a Doomsday prepper are extremely dedicated to improving their survival skills and emergency preparedness.  Most doomsday preppers also realize the importance of developing social networks to help survive an apocalyptic event.

But how do you find other dedicated survivalists? 

Because some of the emergency situations they are concerned about concern the abuse of government power, they tend to stay below the radar which can make them difficult to find. 

This article will give you a few ideas for finding doomsday preppers and increasing your chances of survival.

Why Find Other Doomsday Preppers?

There are a number of reasons for connecting other doomsday preppers including:

  1. The ability to form a fighting force
    Doomsday preppers are concerned about civil war, foreign invasion and oppression by a tyrannical government.  Should one of these scenarios eventuate, having a larger fighting force with more equipment would be beneficial.  Even if the emergency situation is minor civil unrest and rioting — being able to band together with well-equipped and well-prepared people that you trust increases the safety of everyone involved.
  2. Learn New Skills and Improve Your Knowledge
    Because doomsday preppers are so dedicated to emergency preparedness, they commit a lot of time to learning new skills and obtaining more knowledge.  By meeting with a group of dedicated preppers, you can learn new survival-skills and techniques for dealing with some very extreme survival situations.
  3. Pooling Resources and Creating Trading Parters
    After a severe emergency situation has occurred, chances are the survivors will be fellow doomsday preppers.  By having already established a trusted relationship with other preppers in the area, you can immediately pool resources and trade with them to help each other survive. 

Doomsday preppers have varied skill-sets, equipment and stockpiles.  Working together will almost always improve everyone’s chances of survival.

Ways to Find Doomsday Preppers

Social Networking Websites
Meetup.com is the leading social networking site for organizing real-life gatherings with like-minded doomsday preppers.  The site has a special category for doomsday prepper meet-ups, which includes 20 groups and nearly 3000 members across the United States. 

There is also a standard preppers meet-up group which has many more groups and locations (174 groups with nearly 28,000 members)

Some of the doomsday prepper groups are private and you must apply for access.  The meet-ups often have training events or just provide a venue for the exchange of ideas.  If you attend one of these meet-ups, focus on building relationships with the people there, instead of just going for the training event.  When you find someone that you like and trust, mention working together after a doomsday event.

Other kinds of social networking websites usually revolve around virtual interaction.  You can join Facebook doomsday prepper groups, but it is unlikely that you will meet most of these people face to face. 

The best group for survival and prepping tips is the survivalist tips fan page.

It is important to realize that there are more risks involved with operating in online environments. 

You can never be certain the person is who they say they are, which presents an operation security risk.  The best way to meet a doomsday prepper is always face to face.

Ask Friends and Relatives
You can talk to your friends and relatives to assess their emergency preparedness.  If they have already begun to create a stockpile, they are clearly interested in becoming a prepper.  Discuss the potential for a doomsday event and see if they are interested in increasing their preparedness.

You will already have established a close relationship with your friend or relative and built a sense of trust.  That makes them perfect allies in a survival situation where trust is critical.

Doomsday Prepper Conventions and Training Events

There are a number of prepper conventions and expos held each year, displaying new prepper products and supplies. They can be a great place to meet some fellow preppers, although it can be somewhat difficult to approach people in these settings.  To build a relationship at a convention, you may have to meet and chat to the other individual on many occasions before developing a friendship.

There are also prepper training events held in some parts of the United States.  The kinds of lessons provided at the events can vary greatly and include everything from first aid to gardening tips.  One useful website for finding conventions and training events is http://www.preppershowsusa.com/

Prepper Websites
Some websites dedicated to educating preppers also provide methods for preppers to contact each other.  Some notable sites include:

Prepper groups http://www.preppergroups.com/

American Preppers Network http://americanpreppersnetwork.com/

Prepper Link http://www.prepperlink.com/index.php/connect

Resilient Life Groups http://www.peakprosperity.com/groups

With these websites, always show caution and don’t reveal too much about your bug out/in locations or stockpile until you have developed a relationship of trust with a person you are talking to.  Ideally, meet them in the real world before giving them any personal details other than your first name.

Web Forums
There are dozens of survivalist and doomsday prepper websites online.  Some of these websites provide a great deal of information and can help you become a more efficient doomsday prepper.  However — they may not be the best places to meet other preppers. 

The Internet allows people to retain some anonymity and you can never be sure who you are communicating with.  You also never know who will be monitoring your communications if you decide to discuss your stockpile, bug out location, and emergency preparedness online.  This is especially important for doomsday preppers who are concerned about a tyrannical government or foreign invasion.

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