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What Your Bug Out Location Says About You

A lot of thought must go into selecting the best bug out location for you and your family.  A bug out location should be a safe and secure spot that is within a reasonable distance of your home.

Some key considerations for selecting a bug out location include:

Location and your ability to get there
Will you be able to get there after an emergency situation has disrupted your community and the highways are closed?

Survival skills required to survive at the location
Is your bug out location difficult to survive in and requires high-level survival skills?  Or is it safe and comfortable for your entire family?

Water availability, soil conditions and wildlife at the location
Can you sustain yourself and your family off the natural resources around the bug out location?   

Weather conditions at the location
Are you ready and willing to battle freezing conditions or must you have a climate controlled environment that sits at 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit all year round?

Protection from attackers
Is your bunker a heavily fortified castle with dual mounted M60s or your focus more on remaining off the grid and invisible.

Type of natural and man-made shelter available
Does your bug out location have plenty of naturally occurring shelter or will you be forced to prepare a bunker before hand?

Geo-graphical camouflage
Is it a barren rocket environment in which you will bury you shelter, or is dense forest where you will be potential invaders will struggle to find you

Do you feel it is safer to stay near the city center or is your first objective when bugging out to get away from people?

Your choice of bug out location says about your survival-skills and emergency preparedness.  Here are some the most common bug-out locations and how they reflect upon you as a prepper.

Going Into the Wild

The most challenging form of bugging out is taking a back pack and venturing into the wilderness.  If you have selected this type of bug out location, you must have high-level survival skills and be very self-sufficient when it comes to finding food and shelter. 

Most preppers who have a plan to go into the wild are very familiar with the natural environment they are venturing into.  You will have extensive training in hunting, gathering wild food, first aid, and building shelters.  Going into the wild is usually a favorite bugging out destination for preppers who are single, young, well-trained and fit. 

Most preppers who choose this path will favor isolation and self-sufficiency as a survival strategy. You will rarely come across other people or prepper groups and when you do they will be other highly trained individuals like yourself.  Preppers who go into the wild also prefer mobility and flexibility — they are ready to bug out to any location at the drop of a hat.

Going into the wild is an excellent strategy in times of civil unrest, foreign invasion, tyrannical government action or a widespread disease affecting populated areas.

Bugging Out to a Carefully Prepared Bunker
Preppers who struggle with the outdoors often choose a bug-out location that has been meticulously designed and does not take them far from home.  They often construct a heavily fortified bunker close to their home so transport is rarely an issue.

This kind of prepper believes that preparation is the key to surviving an emergency situation.  They usually have a very large stockpile and items for every eventuality.  Preppers who stay in a heavily fortified location often have restricted mobility, either because of health reasons or because they have a family with young children.

Bunker preppers may lack some of the survival skills necessary to live off the land.  Instead of battling mother nature, they stockpile the right combination of items to provide water, food and shelter for months or years. 

A bunker prepper also prefers to use their brains instead of their brawn — harnessing various technologies to improve the security and adaptability of their bunker.

Heading to a Cabin, Cave or Abandoned Mine in the Wildernessbug out location

Image source: http://modernsurvivalonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/03342d3_27.jpeg

Halfway between the two extremes of a basement bunker prepper and wilderness survivalist is the prepper who sets up a base in the wilderness.  The base may be in a cabin, cave, mine or other structure located far away from population centers.

This kind of prepper has a combination of survival skills and emergency planning skills.   They spend hours setting up their base and learning how to survive far away from other people.  By having a more permanent base, they have a relatively secure location for their family to reside after bugging out.

Bugging Out to a Derelict Building in the City

While cities can often be dangerous places in the event of civil unrest or a natural disaster, they can also great locations for scavenging food and supplies.  Some preppers realize this and plan to take over abandoned buildings in the event of an emergency.

Many large cities in American have dozens of abandoned factories and municipal buildings that can be easily modified to become very secure locations.  Preppers who decide to bug out to one of these locations spend hours scouting for the perfect building and planning how to secure it.

In the event of a crisis, they simply pack their car with the supplies and drive to the abandoned building to set up base.  In the event of a societal collapse, most people will leave the city as quickly as possible, often leaving food and supplies as they rush to escape.  Preppers who stay in the city will take advantage of this fact and obtain what is left behind.

In the event of an emergency situation, bugging out to an abandoned building is surprisingly effective.  Most people will simply flee the city and it would be unusual for anyone to start searching derelict buildings.

Preppers who consider using abandoned buildings as bug out locations usually have mechanical and engineering skills which make them confident they can quickly secure a location. 

The building may have to withstand intruders while maintaining the appearance of being abandoned. 

This type of prepper also has street smarts, weapons training and knows the city well.  Your risk of encountering a vagrant or marauder is greatly increased while staying in the city, so this option is usually of interest to young and fit people who may have some military training.

Hitching a Trailer and Driving

Some preppers prefer to stay mobile so use a caravan or camper to bug out.  The caravan or camper is both a bugging out location and a mode of transport.  If a location becomes dangerous, they simply put the vehicle into gear and get the hell out of dodge!

While this method of bugging out has some serious limitations, a 4WD vehicle and caravan can get to a remote location very quickly.  All of the necessary tools the supplies can be carried in the vehicle.

This kind of prepper may have a family with young children, so is interested in getting away from sources of danger very quickly.  They also prefer the ability to be flexible and move to new locations when required. 

They may have some survivalist training or may simply stock 6 months of food which quickly gets thrown in the vehicle in the event of an emergency.

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