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What I’ve Learned From The American Preppers Network

What I’ve learned from The American Preppers Network

The senseless and the sensible things I have learned

Prepping has caught on with the American civilians like a wildfire.

Where in the last few years preppers were seen as those which went to the extreme or those which dabbled in conspiracy theories, there has been a paradigm shift in the mentality to be one of preservation and sustaining of life, especially given the legislations, economic developments, and governmental preparations made in the past few years.

Because of this many people have started to flock together and share information. One such creditable source (for there are a lot of noncredit able sources out there) of information is the American Preppers Network.

Here are some of the things which I have learned from The American Preppers Network.

No prepper is alike

There is this mentality that every prepper is preparing for the same scenario and this is simply not true. I have found that there are a great many different scenarios which can occur.

This is not to say that one prepper’s theory is wrong and another one’s is correct. The stage is set in which a number of these predictable events can occur.

The common ground that I have found is that preppers see that there is going to be an event that shakes the core of the Nation and redefines living as the American public now knows it. The prepper understands that it is the duty of that prepper to ensure a self-sufficient way of life in order to survive.

Survival and Prepping is an ongoing process

If you think that you can just stock up on food and water and buy all the guns you can get your hands on to survive, then you have been fooled.

There is a great deal more that goes into prepping and survival than just the accumulation of supplies.

True, you will want to have a stockpile of the essential prepper supplies to make your sustainable living easier.

However, you will also need to have the off the grid living skills needed to gather your own water, find your own food, make your own shelters, and live off of the land.

This means that you continuously will have to hone your survival skills. You cannot simply acquire this and that and hope for the best.

You will need to know how to cut wood

One of the key survival skills which I have found is reiterated time and time again on The American Preppers Network is the need to cut and store firewood.

At first I thought that this was a bit redundant as I have a firecraft skill and I do know how to make a bowdrill. However, it struck me.

It does no good to have the firecraft skill if you have no firewood in which to light. In a prepper situation, you will need to have an ample amount of firewood to provide you with heat, fuel, as well as to cook and sterilize. True, you may have a few trees in your location.

However, common sense will tell you that the harvesting of such trees will take years to replenish and that you will run out of resources if you do not have  a stockpile of firewood already.

You can be a prepper without having a killer mentality

One of the things which has disturbed me greatly with many preppers is that they have a killer mentality. Do not get me wrong, a person needs to be able to defend his or her family with deadly force if needed.

However, a prepper should not just assume that they will have to go on a killing spree.

I really like the fact that The American Preppers Network advocates various levels of force. This means that you set a radius around your bug out spot.

The first line of defense is to give a clear indicator to the public that they are not wanted in the vicinity. This can be done with fences and signs, road blockades , etc.

The second level is to implement scare tactics to encourage approaches to abandon their pursuit. This may include dogs, flares, sirens, and such. The third and final is the use of deadly force.

What makes this beneficial is that the prepper is reminded that prepping is not about the kill or be killed, but in the preservation of their family and the defense thereof. Notice that there is not an swaying away from the use of deadly force.

Yet, it is not the first action.

The first actions are to preserve your family and to preserve life. If deadly force is needed then so be it, but let us get away from the killer mentality and get back to the prepper’s mentality.

There are some things which go beyond the standard prepper mentality

The main thing which I have learned from The American Preppers Network is that there is always something new to learn.

As preppers, we tend to have a tactical and yes somewhat militaristic way of thinking about how we will survive. It is good to see those things which we typically overlook as a survival skill (such as sewing or pottery making).

Where it is going to be essential to have tactical training in a catastrophic/ end of days situation, you will need to know a bit more than just how to get by. What is the point of living if the only thing you are doing is barely getting by?

A dedicated prepper will not only have the skills to survive in such situations but thrive.

These are just a few of the things I have learned from the network. Of Course, there are specific skills which are offered that I have honed.

There are certain crafts which I have learned a new technique for. You are encouraged to see what The American Preppers Network can provide you with. As each prepper is different, I am sure that you will find something that specifically addresses your methodology of prepping for the end of days.

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