How To Become A Prepper

Beginning your journey into prepping can sometimes be overwhelming. If you’ve seen any of the shows about prepping, you may be thinking “this seems like too much to do”.

We agree, in Hollywood they always hype everything up and over exaggerate on everything.

That’s why we decided to create The Prepper Lifestyle.

We want to provide you with resources about everything from Prepper Supplies to Prepper Groups and everything in between.

What Is The Prepper Lifestyle?

In its simplest form, we are a website dedicated to educating people about the prepper way of life.

We want to break down the difficult things into easy to manage and easy to do action steps. Ideally, we want everyone who visits our site to become a better prepper.

Whether you’re an urban prepper or a suburban prepper, we are going to provide you with actionable steps you can take to prepare yourself for anything.

There are so many websites out there that provide information about prepping that it can be a little difficult to choose the right one to learn from.

A lot of these sites have also been built with the sole purpose of selling you products, and not built with the purpose of educating you first.

Sure, we will provide you with products to buy, and we will be compensated for them. Hey, that’s part of doing business and helping to keep our website online.

The thing is, we will only recommend products that fit our prepper checklist and won’t give you any of the fluff.

We really want to properly educate you. We don’t want you wasting money on things you won’t need, won’t use or won’t get any value out of.

Who Is Behind The Prepper Lifestyle?

Great question!

We are a group of people who love prepping and all things related to it. We realize what has been happening in our country over the last few years, some of us would say decades, and want to help protect as many people and families as we can.

Some of us are ex-military, while others are just average people who have been practicing prepping for as long as we can remember.

and yes, a few of us are brand spankin’ new to prepping!

We strive to learn and grow every single day and to become the best we can be for our families.

We are here to help you find people in your area and help connect you with other like minded individuals in the hope that you will share our information with them to help the future generations.

We’ll also be assembling a prepper list to help you find even more valuable information and resources to help you along your journey.